Friday, January 21, 2011

Cover Coolness

I'm going to do a special little thing called: Cover Coolness! I recently realized how much I loved the covers of the Touch Novels by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Here they are!

Deadly Little Secret

Deadly Little Lies

Deadly Little Games

Something about these books are just so awesome and while they don't all match, you know they are part of the same series because of the fonts and of the pictures of just a girl with no head. I think it is a marketing idea, so people know they are part of the same series but aren't the same book! They do this with, The Mortal Instruments series, and the Gallagher Girl Series and very many others. I just find it interesting as to what publishers will do to get their books sold, no matter how good or how awful the book actually is!

So what do you think about these covers?


The Book Pages said...

I do have to agree with you.
My favorite is "Deadly Little Lies"
Though.. I have not read this books haha.

Phae Phae said...

I like the covers, but my favorite covers are the Gallagher Girl Covers and the Hex Hall covers.

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