Friday, August 3, 2012

Back in Business!

Hi everyone!

I haven't been on my blog in quite a while. I didn't necessarily take a planned break but I feel that it was something that I really needed to do.

The one thing I didn't expect when I took my break is missing commenting and reading others blogs. Sometimes that can become quite the challenge. But mostly I just miss reviewing and reading comments.

Which is why my dear, great bloggy friends, I'm going to try and get back in the swing of things. If I can get a full week of blogging done starting on Saturday then I'll have accomplished my goal. But for now I'm just going to take blogging one week at a time because that's all I can handle. Plus, I have a little thing called a two year anniversary coming up on the blog! :)

I've missed you guys and I'm so happy to be back!



Mary @ BookSwarm said...

We missed you! I've started doing all my posts on Sunday, which makes the week so much easier. Kind of like getting all your meals ready for the week...

Anonymous said...

I missed your blog too. Love you, Grandma Jo

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