Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

School's almost out! And that means that I'll have to much more time to read! If you read my Follow Friday, I don't have that much time to read during the week. Then how do I review 3 books a week? I got like 5 books ahead during March, and I kept getting ahead. I have 12 books to review!!

And speaking of reviews, I'm thinking about doing a review on Saturday in the summer. That means 4 reviews a week! YAY!

I'm STILL having that problem with Digital Editions. I think I'm going to write a send a help request to Adobe. Because while this is happening I can't get any Galley Grab books, Netgalley books or library books!!! IT IS AWFUL!

I'm trying to read the Magnolia League, it isn't working out so well. I am reading He's So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott! I LOVE this series, there is so much drama and fun stuff. I'm almost done with it.

Last summer, I made a "Summer Reading List" There were about 40 books on the list. I read them all. I started it to basically read all the books on my shelves, which I did. But then I got more and more and more. A few weeks ago I started making this summer's reading list. It is not pretty. I doesn't even cover 1/4 of the books on my shelf, and there's 108. 108. It might as well be 1000! There are some galleys, if I can ever get them, and books I'm going to get from the library. But still!!! What am I going to do!

Of course this list will HAVE to be cut down as I go along this summer. I hope to get at least 50 books done....maybe 70 if I aim a little high. But I have to be realistic. I can't just sit around and read all day, can I? Well I could, but I'm not.

I'll post all the books I'm going to read this summer, and my plans for some stuff. Yeah, some "stuff." Maybe on Wednesday, I will. It is the first day of summer!

Have a great weekend, and be safe! Sorry if I babbled too much!


Kris @ Reading on Planet Caddick said...

I've spent the last month just reading because I was out of school but my son wasn't. I start one summer class on Monday night so my reading will slow down for the next 8 weeks. You didn't babble! Enjoy your summer!

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