Friday, November 11, 2011

What to Read (8)

Hi everyone!
What to Read is just a little thing I like to do that features a slew of books from a certain genre. Sometimes I don't exactly do genres, but you get the gist!

This week's topic is not a genre but rather a list of stuff...
Like I said, not really a topic since I haven't read any of these yet..but with singing up for the debut author challenge here, I though it'd be a great time to do this!
These are my top five picks for early 2012!
Why hello there pretty cover! This one looks original plus that! I've seen some pretty good reviews on this one so, of course, I can't wait to read it!

This one has another beautiful cover. The idea of this one reminds me a lot of Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver in some ways. It looks amazing, though. I love it when people keep books!
The idea of this one sounds so funny! I think it has something to do with Robin Hood type stuff. Really descriptive, I know! The main character steals from the popular people at her school and ends up maybe trusting one guy. I think the author has the opportunity to make this a really awesome book!
This one is a historical and a mystery and it's set in Venice! Could it get any cooler than that? No, I don't think so. 
This one sounds absolutely heart-breaking. It's about car wrecks, abusive relationships and just a bunch of sad stuff. It sounds beautiful....


Lisa said...

Great choices. I'm looking forward to reading some 2012 debuts and finding new authors to love. The cover of Breaking Beautiful is so intriguing I'd definitely check this book out just based on the cover.

Lauren M said...

I just finished reading Incarnate last night, and OH MY GOSH. It was amazing. It definitely deserves the top spot on your list! :)

Mary @ BookSwarm said...

Pretty Crooked looks hilarious! And I can't wait to start Incarnate. Great what To Read!

Ann Stampler said...

I'm thrilled to find Where It Began on your top five list. Thanks! I love the cover, too. Now when I think of Gabby, that's the face I see.

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